Preparing future Marines for the most grueling basic training in the world. Learn what it takes to excel at Marine boot camp instead of just getting by with advice, tips and information from a former Marine Sergeant.

Marine Boot Camp

Marine boot camp


Your decision to become one of the few and the proud is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Why do I say this?

Because by becoming a Marine, you will have the chance to serve your country while at the same time, creating lasting memories, building confidence, becoming physically fit and becoming part of the tightest brotherhood in the world.

Becoming a Marine is no easy task. In fact, Marine Corps basic training is more challenging - physically and mentally - than the basic training programs of any of the other military services.

Once you earn the title of Marine, you will have achieved one of the greatest challenges on earth.

What happens during Marine Boot Camp?

boot camp climbing rope

Boot camp is the period of time when recruits are turned into basically trained Marines.

This training is meant to train regular people to work together as a team and develop the skill set necessary to be a successful Marine.

Some of the things recruits will learn during training includes academics, customs and courtesies and marksmanship. They will also achieve a level of physical fitness that few people will ever achieve. This is due to the rigorous training day in and day out.

During the 13 weeks of boot camp, each recruit will develop a high level of confidence that will allow them to function with a team of Marines during stressful combat environments as well as training environments during peace time.

Fitness Requirements

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Perhaps one of the first things that comes to mind when considering Marine basic training, is the high level of physical fitness that is required.

Physical fitness is a very important part of recruit training. Marine fitness standards are higher than any other branch of service. If you are overweight and out of shape, I suggest you change that before leaving for boot camp.

You’ll need to be able to perform a physical fitness test on a regular basis as well as day to day fitness training. There are also weight standards that you must comply with.

Learn more about boot camp fitness.

Boot Camp Preparation

Parris Island parade deck

Before going to boot camp, you will want to do some major preparation if you expect to have an edge over the other recruits and to make it easier on yourself.

This site will address some of those things you should focus on in your preparation.

Keep in mind that this is no substitute for what your recruiter can provide for you on the delayed entry program. The information provided in this site combined with the delayed entry program activities will give you a solid foundation to build on once you finally stand on those famous yellow footprints.

You’ll know what to expect and if you follow the fitness routines and tips throughout the site, you’ll be physically prepared to take on anything the drill instructors throw at you.

Although physical preparation is very important, you’ll also need to be mentally prepared for what is to come.

Boot camp is no walk in the park and it shouldn’t be. It’s designed to prepare regular civilians for the stresses of war.

Where is Boot Camp?

The Marine Corps only has two places where they create Marines. Where you live in the country determines which one you’ll get to go to.

In general, men and women who live east of the Mississippi River will go to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in Parris Island, SC and men who live west of it will go to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, CA.

Note: Parris Island is the only place where women Marines are made.